Steel Wire Rock Grate for Arkla, Charmglow, Falcon, Kenmore, Lazy Man, Olympia, Sterling Brand Gas Grills
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Model No.: 91601
Alternate Model Numbers: 91601 91601
UPC: 075954009164
Ship Weight (lbs): 4
Outdoors Emporium SKU: 301430 (0)
Manufacturer: Music City Metals

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Steel Wire Rock Grate for Arkla, Charmglow, Falcon, Kenmore, Lazy Man, Olympia, Sterling Brand Gas Grills / Each

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steel wire rock grate, 12.5" x 21.34375"; Arkla 4000U,Arkla 4000U6,Arkla 4029F,Arkla 4040U,Arkla 4040U6,Arkla 4041K,Arkla 4041KN,Arkla 4041U,Arkla 4049F,Arkla 41630,Arkla 41630-S,Arkla 41631,Arkla 41632,Arkla 41693,Arkla 42600,Arkla 42601-2R,Arkla 42602-G,Arkla 42610,Arkla 42610-N,Arkla 42610-NP,Arkla 42610-NS,Arkla 42611-N,Arkla 42612-N,Arkla 42618-S,Arkla 42629,Arkla 42630-N,Arkla 42630-NS,Arkla 42639,Arkla 42639-S,Arkla 42680,Arkla 42681,Arkla 42682,Arkla 42683,Arkla 42684,Arkla 42691,Arkla 42791,Arkla 42993,Arkla 551990,Arkla 551996,Arkla 552990,Arkla 553920,Arkla 553990,Arkla 553991,Arkla 561692,Arkla 561693,Arkla 563690,Arkla 61600,Arkla 61600-1,Arkla 61601,Arkla 61601-RPU,Arkla 61602,Arkla 61610,Arkla 61610-1,Arkla 61610-S,Arkla 61611,Arkla 61611-S,Arkla 61612-1,Arkla 61612-S,Arkla 61614,Arkla 61615-1,Arkla 62600,Arkla 62601,Arkla 62601-RBF,Arkla 62610-S,Arkla 62612,Arkla 62612-S,Arkla G344-34L,Arkla G404B,Arkla G405-33B,Arkla G405-34B,Arkla G424-34I,Arkla G424-39I,Arkla G444-25R,Arkla G444-26A,Arkla G444-26A1,Arkla G444-44A,Arkla G444-4B,Arkla G446-25N,Arkla G447-25N,Arkla G447-58-44R,Arkla G464-4C,Arkla G464-5C,Arkla G464-6C,Arkla G484-6,Arkla G484-6C,Arkla G527-6B,Arkla G527-6B-44R,Arkla G584-6C,Arkla GB40-330I,Arkla GE400517,Arkla GE400617,Arkla GF540-286-EB,Arkla GF540-286-EL,Arkla GF540-286-SB,Arkla GF540-292-EB,Arkla GF540-292-EI,Arkla GF540-292-EL,Arkla GF540-292-ELV,Arkla GF540-292-EUB,Arkla GF540-330-EAV,Arkla GF540-330-EI,Arkla GF540-330-EI-1,Arkla GF540-330-EIV,Arkla GF540-EA,Arkla GF540-EB,Arkla GF540-EI,Arkla GF540-EI2,Arkla GF540-EIV,Arkla GF540-EL,Arkla GF540-EVB,Arkla GF540-SB,Arkla GR2020 post,Arkla GR2020 upfront,Arkla GR2020-A,Arkla GR2020-L1,Arkla GR40,Arkla GR40-CLP,Arkla GR40-CN,Arkla GRB40 post,Arkla GRB40 upfront,Arkla GRB40-10602,Arkla GRB40-108N,Arkla GRB40-286-EL,Arkla GRB40-286-GIV,Arkla GRB40-286-GLV,Arkla GRB40-93,Arkla GRB40-CLP,Arkla GRB40-EL,Arkla GRB40-EL1,Arkla GRB40-ERV,Arkla GRB40-GIV,Arkla GRB40-GL,Arkla GRB40-GLV,Arkla GRB404-GL,Arkla GRB40C-N,Arkla GRB44-A,Arkla GS2020 post,Arkla GS2020 upfront,Arkla GS40,Arkla GT2020,Arkla P5252,Arkla Q4041,Arkla Q407C,Arkla U4001,Arkla U4009,Arkla U4041,Arkla U4049,Arkla U4051,Arkla U5241,Arkla W4019,Arkla W4029,Arkla W4049,Arkla W4049-NAT,Charmglow 31512,Charmglow 31612,Charmglow 31612-S,Charmglow 32612,Charmglow 32612-S,Charmglow 32613,Charmglow 32630-S,Charmglow 32632,Charmglow 342600,Charmglow 4000U,Charmglow 4000U6,Charmglow 401K,Charmglow 4029F6,Charmglow 4040U,Charmglow 4040U-NAT,Charmglow 4040U6,Charmglow 4041U,Charmglow 4049F,Charmglow 4049F6,Charmglow 41630 series,Charmglow 41632,Charmglow 41637 series,Charmglow 41693,Charmglow 42501-RUF,Charmglow 42505-GU,Charmglow 42513,Charmglow 42600,Charmglow 42601-2R,Charmglow 42602-G,Charmglow 42610,Charmglow 42610-N,Charmglow 42610-NP,Charmglow 42610-NS,Charmglow 42611-N,Charmglow 42612-N,Charmglow 42618-S,Charmglow 42629,Charmglow 551990,Charmglow 551996,Charmglow 552990,Charmglow 553920,Charmglow 553990,Charmglow 553991,Charmglow 561693,Charmglow 61600,Charmglow 61600-1,Charmglow 61601-RPU,Charmglow 61602-2,Charmglow 61610,Charmglow 61610-1,Charmglow 61610-S,Charmglow 61611,Charmglow 61611-S,Charmglow 61612-1,Charmglow 61612-S,Charmglow 61614,Charmglow 61615-1,Charmglow 62600,Charmglow 62601-RBF,Charmglow 62610-S,Charmglow 62612,Charmglow 62612-S,Charmglow GE400517,Charmglow GE400617,Charmglow GF400517,Charmglow GF400617,Charmglow GF540-330-EA,Charmglow GF540-330-EI-1,Charmglow GF540-330-EIV,Charmglow GF540-EA,Charmglow GF540-EI,Charmglow GF540-EI2,Charmglow GF540-EIV,Charmglow GP304-35L,Charmglow GR2020-A,Charmglow GR2020-L1,Charmglow GRB40-EL1,Charmglow GRB40-GL,Charmglow GRB44-A,Charmglow P4052,Charmglow P5252,Charmglow U4001,Charmglow U4009,Charmglow U4041,Charmglow U4049,Charmglow U4051,Charmglow U5241,Charmglow W4019,Charmglow W4029,Charmglow W4049,Charmglow W4049NAT,Falcon 4029F,Falcon 4029F6,Falcon 4049F,Falcon 4049F6,Falcon 5000 4 in venturi,Falcon 5000 7 in venturi,Falcon 5100,Falcon 5200,Falcon 5300,Falcon 5400,Falcon 551990,Falcon 551996,Falcon 552890,Falcon 552990,Falcon 553890,Falcon 553920,Falcon FG700S,Falcon FN700S,Falcon GF400517,Falcon GF400617,Falcon GF540,Falcon GF540-286-EB,Falcon GF540-286-EL,Falcon GF540-286-SB,Falcon GF540-292-EB,Falcon GF540-292-EI,Falcon GF540-292-EL,Falcon GF540-292-ELV,Falcon GF540-292-EUB,Falcon GF540-330-EAV,Falcon GF540-330-EI,Falcon GF540-330-EI-1,Falcon GF540-330-EIV,Falcon GF540-EA,Falcon GF540-EB,Falcon GF540-EI,Falcon GF540-EI2,Falcon GF540-EIV,Falcon GF540-EL,Falcon GF540-EVB,Falcon GF540-SB,Falcon Mark V 4 in sgl vtri,Falcon Mark V 7 in sgl vtri,Falcon Mark V 7 in tw vtri,Falcon W4019,Falcon W4019-5,Falcon W4029,Falcon W4029-5,Falcon W4049,Kenmore 1066180,Kenmore 1075180,Kenmore 1084080,Kenmore 1084280,Kenmore 1085780,Kenmore 1094080,Kenmore 1095081,Kenmore 1095180,Kenmore 22400 Nat,Kenmore 22402 Nat,Kenmore 22420 Nat,Kenmore 22422 Nat,Kenmore 22429 LP,Kenmore 22430 Nat,Kenmore 22432 Nat,Kenmore 22439 LP,Kenmore 22442 Nat,Kenmore 22449 LP,Kenmore 22452 Nat,Kenmore 22459 LP,Kenmore 22462 Nat,Kenmore 22469 LP,Kenmore 22500 Nat,Kenmore 2

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